How to Use Creative Visualization to Get What You Want in Life

How to Use Creative Visualization to Get What You Want in Life

Get What You Want by Imagining You Already Have It

Can you complete a marathon just by imagining it? Is it possible to lose weight by thinking about it? If you dream of recovering from a sports injury, can it really come true?

Goals like these may seem beyond your reach. But you have the power to make them happen! A technique called creative visualization uses your imagination to help make dreams a reality.

Thoughts shape our life by influencing the choices we make. In creative visualization, you imagine your goal as if you already accomplished it. Once you imagine what it feels like to achieve your goal, it sets in motion the actions needed to create that reality.

This technique was made popular by author Shakti Gawain. In her book Creative Visualization, she describes several mental strategies to help you achieve your goals.



How to Use Creative Visualization

To do a simple exercise in creative visualization, sit quietly and comfortably with your eyes closed. Start by stating your goal to yourself a few times so that it’s clear in your thoughts.

Then, skip ahead and imagine that you’ve already achieved that goal. Visualize every detail about it … What does it feel like? … Where are you? … What are people saying to you? … What do you look like in a mirror?

In your mind, explore the many ways your life would be transformed if you achieve your goal.

Visualization in Sports

Successful athletes harness the power of visualization. Winners have an edge over their competition because they are mentally prepared to win.

Basketball legend Jerry West, whose silhouette is used in the NBA logo, had such a penchant for hitting buzzer-beaters, he was nicknamed ‘Mr. Clutch.’ When asked about his ability hit the big shot, West revealed that he had already made those shots time after time in his mind.

To prepare for a game or competition, athletes mentally rehearse what it takes to produce a desired outcome. Amazingly, research has revealed that visualization can enhance performance to nearly the same extent as physical practice.

Visualization in Wellness

To find optimal wellness, it also helps to visualize your success ahead of time. You have to know where you’re going so you know which route to take.

If you need to lose weight, close your eyes and imagine what it feels like to be thinner. Get a good picture because this will guide you in your journey.

If you need to eat healthier, imagine going to the grocery store and filling your cart with fresh fruits and vegetables. Picture that delicious salad you’re going to make.

Let’s take this journey to wellness together. Imagine the fit, healthy person you can be. Imagine the compassionate way you want to treat yourself, animals, and the environment.

Now, go live the dream!



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