Find your Zen and Enrich your Wellbeing with Yoga

Find your Zen and Enrich your Wellbeing with Yoga

Yoga is exercise for your body, and it simultaneously calms your mind. Yoga impacts people differently, but always positively.

Are you practicing yoga? There’s a style to suit everyone. Some varieties are more athletic, while others are more meditative and stress-reducing.

During the flow of one yoga pose to the next, listen to your body. Feel the sensation of your muscles stretching. Breathe deeply and let stress leave your body with each exhale. You may find this keeps your mind focused on the present so you stop worrying about the past or future.

MVW editor Steven Reichert practicing triangle pose.

Yoga helps improve your flexibility, posture, and strength. And it provides relaxation for your mind.

No matter what else is happening in your life or the world around you, you can always find this place of peace.

Find your zen. Enrich your wellbeing. With yoga.



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