For Greater Happiness, Try Less Screen Time and More Green Time

For Greater Happiness, Try Less Screen Time and More Green Time

Our relationship with technology is growing intertwined constantly. But the benefits of technology come at a cost to our health, both mentally and physically.

Spending several hours a day looking at screens on our computers and phones can affect our wellbeing. We can also become overwhelmed with the news, information, and things that we can’t control.

To live life to your fullest, it’s helpful to remember how uplifting the natural world can be.

Find your place outside every day. Take a break and look at the trees. See the beauty in the sky. Touch the dirt. Get the full sensory experience.

You can run or walk outside, take a hike in the woods, or canoe on a quiet river. If you live in an urban environment, find a park with plants and sunshine. These experiences in green environments can be therapeutic for the soul.

Discover an environment that inspires you. If you like warm places, find a sunny location. If you like water, find a river, lake, or ocean to lift your spirits.

The wonders in the natural world can enhance your creative energy. Take time to notice the colors, textures, and shapes.

If you feel you need new energy or want to reduce your stress or anxiety, even a simple walk around the block helps. Just seeing the natural world makes us remember we are connected to a larger universe than we sometimes think.

You may find that spending time in nature clears your mind, helps you find solutions to life’s challenges, and makes you feel invigorated.


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