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Muesli is a Healthy, Vegan Way to Jumpstart Your Day

Muesli is a powerhouse of energy and nutrition to jumpstart your day! Raw, whole oats provide the base for this dish. Then, fresh or dried fruit, seeds, and nuts are […]


The Art of Sitting: A Complete Guide to Ergonomics

If you need to sit at work, it’s important to use correct ergonomics. This means positioning your work environment so you maintain good posture. I want to help you avoid […]

Lifestyle, Weight-Loss Tips

4 Ways Excessive Sitting Harms Your Body and Mind

From my experience as a personal fitness trainer, I find that prolonged sitting is the cause of many challenges my clients face. People sit at their desk at work, sit […]

Main Dishes, Soups

Hearty White Bean Soup

Here’s a nourishing and calming winter soup that I love on a cold evening. With white beans, this soup is hearty enough to be a main dish. What I enjoy most about this […]

Side Dishes

Herbed Tofu Spread

Tonight, let’s gather some friends and enjoy this sophisticated hors d’oeuvre. Make your favorite beverage and let’s have some good conversation while enjoying this herbed tofu spread. This spread uses tofu […]


8 Easy Things You Can Do Now to Transform Your Life

It’s time to take a new path for your health. Starting now, you can live to your full potential—for both your physical and mental health. Don’t wait any longer. Now’s the time. […]

Salads, Side Dishes

A Protein-Packed Four-Bean Salad

I’d love to share one of my favorite and satisfying summer salads. This recipe feeds an army, so it’s perfect for sharing at a potluck or picnic with friends. This salad […]

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Weight-Loss Tips

Discovering an End to Emotional Eating

To Soothe Your Emotions, Find Alternatives to Food When I coach clients on losing weight, I help pinpoint the causes of overeating. The biggest reason is eating to soothe negative emotions, […]

Salads, Side Dishes

Pineapple Salad

Here’s a perfect pineapple salad side dish for lunch on a hot summer day. Of course it’s healthy. But healthy never tasted so good. There are sweet, spicy, and acidic elements […]

Fitness Tips

How “Fit” are You? Grade Yourself!

Fitness can mean something different to everyone. You may feel “fit” if you can wear a smaller clothing size. To someone else, it may mean winning a 5K running race. Or reaching a […]


Luxurious Kale Smoothie

Ever think you could drink kale? Get ready to suspend your expectations, because this is one luxurious smoothie. It’s creamy, sweet, and a little spicy. You’ll feel the nutrients in this smoothie […]


Vegan Eating Basics

Eating vegan nourishes your body, mind, and soul. But it’s more than a diet—it’s a rewarding lifestyle. It’s about choosing to be healthy and happy. The vegan menu focuses on plant foods, and […]


Cuddle Up with a Nourishing Bowl of Miso Soup

Miso soup is so comforting on these chilly winter days. I’d like to share with you a vegan version of this traditional Japanese soup which uses miso as the main flavoring. […]