Achieve Your Fitness Goals by Thinking Like a Winner

When we achieve our goals, the sense of accomplishment is one of the most fulfilling experiences we can have. But success isn’t possible without first having a winning attitude. Whatever your fitness goal—losing fat, improving sports performance, or just getting healthy—you need to think like a winner.

As a personal fitness trainer, I motivate my clients to achieve their goals by identifying the steps it will take to get results. Clients who navigate this path effectively start with a winning attitude. I’d like to share some common traits from people who have found success.

What Makes a Winner?

Winners make it look easy. They’ve discovered how to take the most direct route from a dream to victory. Winners aren’t easily distracted. It’s as if they barely see obstacles in their path. For example, successful people who have an injury are able to switch gears to another activity to keep on track.

A few years ago, I saw a winner in action while at a friend’s birthday party. One of the guests excused himself to the kitchen to get a plate of food he brought. He said he didn’t want to eat the junk food at the party and sabotage his fat-loss goal, so he brought his own healthy food.

Winners feel they deserve to win. They don’t listen to negative thoughts. Instead, they focus on their strengths and exploit them. For instance, when I’ve won sports competitions, I believed I was the best, and knew I’d win even before the event began.


14 Winning Strategies to Achieve Your Goal

1. Think about the possibilities in the future, not the regrets of the past
Winners are not burdened with thoughts of the past that they can’t change. They’re always looking forward with optimism.

2. Believe you deserve to achieve your goal
Know that you are worthy of succeeding. You deserve this.

3. Visualize your goal and imagine every detail of how it feels to achieve it
In order to find success, you must know where you’re going. So use the power of your imagination to “see” your destination in your mind.

4. Plan your route with baby steps and keep moving forward
Break down your big goal into small, achievable steps. Keep a checklist, take some small action every day, and celebrate your progress.

5. Surround yourself with positive people who support your fitness goal
It’s great to feel encouraged by others. So seek out people who can help you succeed. Avoid people who spew negative thoughts.

6. Find a coach or mentor and get the resources you need
Seek out the help of a mentor who can support you. Build your support network.

7. Don’t be thrown off course by small setbacks
The path to success is never smooth for anyone. Expect setbacks in advance and think about how you can work around them.

8. Take pride in being different than everyone else
Your goal is unique for you. Focus on what you need to do, even if it seems you’re moving in a different direction from those around you.

9. Spend more time taking action and less time thinking about taking action
It’s great to fine-tune your plan, but you have to know when it’s getting in the way of taking action steps.

10. Don’t hold back—give everything you have to give
Don’t rely on luck or a half effort. Go full throttle and make it happen!

11. Don’t settle with mediocrity
If you’re going to be a winner, you have to be better than everyone else.

12. Exploit your strengths
Within you lies all the resources you need to achieve your goal. Look deeply. Find what makes you special.

13. Make sure your actions support your goal instead of sabotaging it
An interesting phemonemon of human psychology is that people may state a goal, then behave in a way that creates the opposite affect. Make sure your goals and actions are moving in the same direction.

14. Find joy in success
Relish every baby step, and cherish that amazing feeling of attaining your goal! This is what makes life worth living!



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